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Golden Sands - Classic Black Sea destination
Published on 04/2/2007
While most tourists are families, party travellers can have a good time at the various night clubs, discotheques, and earn some real money playing the night out at casino and roulette tables in various hotels.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands beach side, packed with people

Golden sands also known as Zlatni Pyasatsi is the largest beach on the northern Black Sea coast. It is situated 18km north of Varna and stretches over 4kms of beach line.

Golden Sands is a paradise for children as well as families and water sport enthusiasts. There are different sports activities available for all age groups like sport yachting, water skiing, surfboarding, motor boat racing, row boating, jet skiing, para-gliding, water slides, tennis, mini-golf, bicycles, bowling alleys, fitness centers, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. People from different backgrounds and age groups come here for mud treatment, anti-stress, hydrotherapy, phytotherapy,
apitherapy and aromatherapy.

The best season is from May through October. The average day temperature in July and August is 270C and the water temperature is 240C. and 290C with the lowest in October at 200C. The average monthly humidity varies between 60 and 65%.

Golden Sands is 17kms from the city of Varna and one way by taxi will cost you around �29 and a round trip will cost �55. It can also be reached from the Bourgas Airport. One way by taxi will cost you �43 and a round trip will cost �83.

Nightlife in Golden sands offers the very best of entertainment of children as well as adults. Children can enjoy different folk programs and animations while adults can have a good time at the various night clubs, discotheques, and earn some real money playing the night out at casino and roulette tables in various hotels.

Local beer
There are three types of local beer available in Bulgaria, Kamenitza produced in the city of Plovdiv, Zagorka and Astika. These are all lager beer brands. Apart from this, there is Shumensko, which is available in lager and red ale, there is stolichno, which is a bock beer produced by Zagarko.

Boy vs. Girl
Women tourists are relatively safe in Bulgaria although Bulgarian men always find an excuse to get close. If someone is getting too close, the best way to get out of the situation is by saying: Omazena sym, which means I am married. Traveling in night trains and hitchhiking is not safe for women.

What to eat
Food at Golden Sands comes in many varieties and you can choose from a menu that includes everything from traditional Bulgarian dinner to an English breakfast. If you are in a mood for experimentation, then some of the typical Bulgarian specialties that you can try are:
Shkembe chorba: prepared from cooked fine cut veal, pork and lamb and served hot
Shopska salad: prepared from diced tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and topped with feta cheese.
Tarator: A soup that is served cold and made from yogurt, cucumbers, and seasoned with walnuts, and garlic.
Kebapche: minced meat rolls seasoned with traditional spices.

The beach
A cool place to be, the sands stretch for miles and the beach offers relaxation for the weary and thrills for the adventurous. It is surrounded by luscious forests, clean sea, mineral springs and offers a beautiful vie of the shimmering sunset reflected on the calm blue waters.