Sun and Sin -
How many litres of sweat did it take to get abs like this? Photos of 10 six-packs
By K S
Published on 05/26/2007

Beach season is around the corner. Here's some photos that may inspire you to lay off that beer and chocolate for a while.

Abs to sweat for - Photos of six-packs from Webshots
To get an impressive six pack you need two things:

1) Less than 10% body fat (Normal people have 15-30%).
2) Work that stomach region in the gym (Requires determination).

Here are 10 examples of people that fit the criterias above:

Would you rather a six pack or a keg...
Look at the girl in the mirror.

She won....35 year old gym teacher with a six pack
Bikini contest. Healthy body on this contender.

Jalil kite flying with his ripped six pack
Interesting pose on the beach.

- This guy probably thinks he is part of a movie. The beach is empty though and it is a nice day to let the dragons fly into the blue blue sky.

Fly dragon fly
Take my troubles so far away
All I can say
It was a nice at the beach today

.. concentrating on the next one:

This is definately not extremely impressing, but still better than most. A tanned upper body and body fat of 10-12% make it possible to still pull off some pretty visible abs.

(guess who) sexy six pack!!

The crazy "Hawaiian" shorts complements the abs well.

Josh and Me
The cheerleader looks content.

our girl Tiff & her boy won 3 nights in las vegas for the baby oil wrestling
A touch of baby oil makes the muscles look more defined.

JELLO & Baby Oil, great combo
Jello & baby oil.. and alcohol?

taylor and her six pack abs
Flat stomach for display on the beach.

Surfer boy.