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How to get your girlfriend to wear a micro bikini?
By K S
Published on 05/27/2007

You think she got the body to wear it, but she is hesitating. Here's some tips on how to convince her.

Make your girlfriend a micro bikini Goddess

Problem: Your girlfriend insists on wearing "comfortable" bikinies or big one piece swimsuits for the beach. You have seen the latest Wicked Weasel or Lusty Threads collection and want her to wear something sexy and minimal.

How to turn your hesitating girlfriend in to the micro bikini Goddess you know she is? Read these tips my friend:

1. Build up her confidence: You have to make her understand that you adore her body. Give her plenty of compliments, especially about her legs, thighs, stomach and boobs. Make her understand that you worship the ground she walks on!

2. Compare her to others. Read through her gossip magazines and find some beach photos of a celebrity. Tell her that she could easily pull off wearing an even more revealing bikini than this celebrity.

3. Criticize her current bikini. Tell her that you dislike her current bikini, but do it in a positive way. Tell her that it is too big for her fit body, or that the colors do not match her gorgeous eyes.

4. The stupid YES trick. Telemarketers do this all the time, the idea is to feed her with easy questions, this will make her say yes so many times that she will not think of say no when the real question pops up. Try it on your girlfriend as well:
 - You know I love you?
 - You know I think you have the greatest body in the world?
 - It is time to buy some new beach wear for our upcoming vacation, isn't it?
 - Wouldn't it be great with a bikini that gives you practically no ugly tanlines?
(drum roll)
 - Should I buy a micro bikini to you?

5. Success! (hopefully). Then you are ready to pop online or to the nearest micro bikini/sex store to buy the bikini she deserves!