Sun and Sin -
Hurghada - Red Sea destination with a little bit of party atmosphere
Published on 04/2/2007
Even though it is located in a Muslim country, nightlife in Hurgada is hot and happening and parties at clubs and bars run through to the wee hours of morning.

Plenty of entertainment at night to choose from in Hurghada

From a tiny fishing village, Hurghada has become one of the hottest tourist destinations on the Red Sea coast and has since then given a boost to Egyptian tourism economy.

A perfect family holiday destination, Hurgada is more famous as a resort for divers and swimmers. Most of the tourists visiting Hurgada come from all over the world but predominantly from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, US and Europe.

The peak season in Hurgada is from November to March when tourists come here to get their share of the winter sun. Summer temperatures can reach 400C while the winters are more comfortable at 200C.

You can fly from anywhere in the world to Hurgada International Airport in Egypt. There are airport transfer services available and the charges for meet assist and transfer to Hurgada hotels will be approximately $27.50 per pax and $12.50 per pax in a group of 6 or more.

Nightlife in Hurgada is hot and happening and parties at clubs and bars run through to the wee hours of morning. Some of the best clubs of Hurgada include:
• Bierstube German Pub: all international drinks within a typically German ambience 
• Captain Jack's Pub and Beer Garden
• Captains Bar
• Conrad International Hurghada Trocadero Bar
• La Luna Summer Night Club
• Hilton Hurghada Resort Pub
• Jimmy's: offers contemporary music and Karaoke
• Peanuts Bar: Serves draught beer and caters to a young crowd
• Pub 20 Bar: Offers live music and cozy ambience
• The Jokers Tavern

Local beer
Hurgada is a paradise for tourists and offers some of the finest in liquor and the most popular local lager beer is Stella. Egyptian wine at one time was the most popular especially through out the Roman Empire and beer had the same status as that of bread.

What to eat
Food in Hurghada offers an incredible dining experience. You can find a variety of cuisines and styles from Indian to Japanese, French, Mexican, Dutch, Italian, Thai, German, Chinese and the list goes on. Travellers from the US can find their favorite joints like KFC, Pizza Hut and even Hard Rock Café. There are local outlets in Hurghada that serve Egyptian specialties like Egyptian Koshary Pasta, Egyptian Lamb and Eggplant and Pineapple Rice Dessert.

The beach
The Hurghada beach is a cool place to be and for adventure seekers there is plenty in store. From snorkeling to swimming and boat trips to the coral, the beach offers a haven of activities. The beach provides the perfect surrounding for sunbathing and basically relaxing your mind, body and soul. Private beaches (hotels and such) are much better than the public beaches in Hurghada.