Sun and Sin -
The Guide to Flirting at the Gym
By Coby DuBose
Published on 06/5/2007
There’s nothing wrong with picking up a date at the gym, but you better do it the right way.

Picking up a date at the gym

If you are hitting the gym in preparation for the summer beach season, you’re probably focused on pumping the iron and burning those calories. You need to sculpt those abs one more time before heading down to the pool. On your gym excursion, there’s a chance that you could run into a good looking guy or gal who is also looking to get in shape. There’s nothing wrong with picking up a date at the gym, but you better do it the right way.

Be direct, no stalking
Nobody likes a stalker and that applies to the gym, as well. If you see someone you like, go over and talk to them. Don’t simply hang around, hoping that they will notice you. Sure, they might come over and talk to you. Chances are, however, that they will be very aware of the fact that you just won’t go away.

Dress for success
It’s not a job interview, but you have to look your best. Just like when you head to the beach or the club, that person who you meet in the gym is going to be forming impressions of you based upon everything you say, do, and even what you wear. It’s not hard to pull some cool gear out of the closet in an effort to look athletic.

Appreciate those little hints
Hints can come in positive or negative forms. Generally, body language is a dead give away when it comes to a person’s romantic intentions. If you approach a woman and they give you a bit of a brush off, then there’s a good chance that they are involved. You don’t want to keep going after that lady when her boyfriend might be lurking somewhere around the bench press rack.

Dinner’s the name of the game
People are hungry when they get done with a workout. Asking that person you meet to join you for a dinner after your workout is always a good idea. If they’re interested in you at all, then their stomach won’t allow them to say no.