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Why Use the Hotel Safe?
Published on 06/11/2007

Is it worth the bother? Yes, thieves can be kids from the street climbing up to your room or even the concierge!

6 reasons to use the Hotel Safe
Many of us are not as paranoid as we should be about our belongings while we’re on vacation. Stolen items are a frequent occurrence, however—even in the best of hotels. The good news is that if you’ve picked a good hotel, you should be provided with a private, in-room hotel safe. Here are seven reasons why you should always make use of that safe for your belongings—especially the expensive ones—while you’re on holiday.

1. Because wages can be low in many countries—and your digital camera can look tempting. Depending on the country you’re travelling in, wages could be very low compared to what we make in the U.K.—as low as a few pounds of less per day. Valuables such as digital cameras and jewellery can occasionally provide a compelling temptation for the odd less honest hotel staff, and this can happen at even the nicest of hotels. If the price they could get for your valuables could provide a few months’ worth of wages its not difficult to see you need to take precautions. If you want to help people in less fortunate countries, research charities and make a healthy donation of your own free will—don’t let your contribution be inadvertent.

2. Because you’re not the only one with a key to your room. The cleaning staff has a key. The concierge has a key. With all these extra keys, who knows who could be in your room when you’re out? Knowing this, it’s best to protect your valuables from anyone who comes into your room.

3. Because you could get the sack if you don’t. If you’re on a business trip, chances are you have along some expensive equipment—a laptop, a BlackBerry, company equipment to demonstrate, etc. If your company’s property comes back damaged—or doesn’t come back at all—you could be the one who gets the blame. Prevent anything so drastic from happening by using the hotel safe to protect your company’s valuables.

4. Because leaving money on your nightstand is like asking for someone to take it. And not necessarily with the intention of robbing you. Cleaning staff could think you’re leaving them a tip if you leave out a few bills on your nightstand, dresser, or countertop. Tipping is the polite thing to do when you’re staying in a hotel, but make sure you do it intentionally.

5. When we travel, we often carry more money with us than we would at home—in the form of cash or travellers’ cheques. But you don’t want to carry all that money on you in a new city—it’s too easy to be robbed or pick pocketed. And it’s not safe to leave it sitting out on your dresser, either. Keep your money in the hotel safe, and you’ll have much more peace of mind while you’re out exploring.

6. Because identity theft can happen anywhere. If you’ve brought credit cards, a social security card, a passport, a cheque book, or any other personal documents with you, don’t leave them where others can see them—including out in plain view in your room. It’s easy for someone to get hold of your room key—there are so many copies floating around the hotel, after all—and copy down your pertinent information without taking a thing. You’ll never know your identity was stolen until you start getting bills for things you didn’t buy. Play it safe and use that hotel safe—it’s there to protect you.

Even the most perfectly planned dream holiday can turn into a nightmare if you get robbed. So don’t make yourself an easy target. Use all the safety precautions at your disposal, including your hotel safe.

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