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10 ways to save money on beer
Published on 06/20/2007

Beer is probably one of your biggest expenses right? Here are some money saving tips.

Saving money!

Personal finance advice has created a beer calclulator and added some tips on how to save on beer:

If you have the choice, avoid purchasing your beer in bars and restaurants where they are typically much more expensive.

If you drink a lot of beer and a single brand, purchase it in bulk (by the case).

Buy your beer at discount warehouses or other discount stores rather than at retail liquor stores.

Consider brewing your own beer

If you like expensive beer, make your first two that brand and then switch to a cheaper brand after that since you won’t be able to tell the difference after that.

If you aren’t brand loyal, go for the beer on sale or that is discounted.

Pour slow and tilt the glass - this will reduce the amount of foam in the cup giving you more beer to drink.

Source: Personal finance advice.