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Kemer - Vibrant clubs and discos.
Published on 04/2/2007

Kemer is a modern resort town and has a vibrant club and disco culture.

Kemer - A new party destination

Kemer is a relatively new and clean resort destination on the very popular southern and sunny coast of Turkey. The resort’s design is such that it blends in with the surroundings and its beaches are so clean that they have earned an EU Blue Flag. But the main attraction in Kemer is its natural beauty, the Mediterranean Sea, the mighty Toros Mountains, and large area of forested pines. The coastline from Beldibi to Tekirova has many unspoilt, uncrowded beaches in different sized bays and these beaches are pebbly rather than sandy in nature.

Who visits?
A paradise of cultural and historical artefacts, Kemer is a crowd puller and is visited by families as well as young people looking for a holiday full of fun and entertainment. Kemer is a popular spot for Americans, French and Italians though they are always asked to read the Avian Flu fact sheet before coming to Turkey.

When is the season?
Kemer has a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild and rains are low. The temperature is around 10°C in winter and 28°C in summer. And with 300 days of sunshine in the year, Kemer offers you the opportunity for a wide range of time to select your best holiday period. You can enjoy the beach as well as ski the same day!

The Antalya International Airport lies just 11 kilometres outside the centre of the city on the road that connects Antalya. The town of Kemer is about one hour away from Antalya International Airport by road and minibuses are available every 10 minutes from Antalya Coach Station. You can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea through out the journey to Kemer that winds through forest as moves along the coast.

Where is the nightlife?
Kemer is a modern resort town and has a vibrant club and disco culture. With many bars, restaurants, blue flag beaches and a 180-capacity yacht marina, Kemer is a perfect city for all party animals. Popular coastal villages such as Beldibi, Kiris, Çayova, Aslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, and Çirali also provide many exciting nightlife options.

Local beer
The local beer in Turkey is called ‘Efes’. The local beer goes well with Turkish cuisine. Or you can always try the Turkish coffee!

Boy/Girl ratio
Turkish women are quite traditional and it may not be easy to find a Turkish woman as company in Antalya.

What to eat?
Turkish cuisine is very tasty in general. Food’s extremely cheap, and filling. A full meal can cost as low as 5 - 10 New Turkish Lira, or about $3 - $7 USD. And when in Antalya you must try meze and kebabs – They will cost you around 2 Lira and are more like a snack than a meal. Must try desserts are Baklava, Lokma, and Sutlac. The cost will depend on the weight for ex: 12 Lira for a kilogram.

How is the beach?
The Kemer Beach is devoid of any historical lineage nor does it have the attraction of possessing singularly beautiful natural surroundings. The only salvation is the modern and very well maintained Marina. You’ll find two types of beaches, fine sandy and pebbly.