Sun and Sin -
Tequila Suicide
By K S
Published on 07/8/2007

The Tequila Suicide is the perfect way to kickstart a party.

The Tequila Suicide stunt
The Tequila Suicide is the perfect way to show your friends that pain is only a theoretical concept to you. Be the buzz of the party by doing the Tequila Suicide stunt.

The 3-step approach to Tequila Suicide
1. Snort the salt up your nose.
2. Drink the Tequila.
3. Squirt some lemon juice into your eyes.

Examples of proud men who have done it
Video clips tells more than a thousand words. Here are some clips from YouTube which can help illustrate the vain and pain of the Suicide.

In the first clip we meet Swedish party prince Christer who performs the Suicide in front of his enthusiastic friends.

The Tequila Suicide is not something you do when you are home alone. Enthusiastic and cheering friends is essential to make this a fun and worthwhile experience.  Being in the nature on some kind of camping trip, Christer drinks the tequila straight from the bottle.

Party Prince Christer's Au Naturell way of doing the Tequila Suicide (Youtube)

In this next clip we meet Colin who is very instructional in this video where he explains it carefully before showing it to us. He snorts the salt in a way that would make a junkie proud. Friends are cheering and screaming

A girlfriend present is less than impressed and asks: "Why is he doing that?" 

Colin is the center of the party (Youtube)