Sun and Sin -
01 - Strip Club Audition
Published on 07/23/2007
Miss X is an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She will share her experiences with the readers of This is the first chapter in her diary..

Chapter 1

 All settled in

Well this is it - I’m all unpacked and settled into my cozy one room apartment. I wonder if I’ll get lonely living alone, maybe when I make a few more friends I’ll move into a two-room with a willing fun roomie. For now, this will have to do. Now all that’s left is getting a job. I’ve found only one club that has an opening for new exotic dancers and scored an audition for later this afternoon.


Getting the jitters

I’ve never auditioned for a spot at a club before. Usually, a mutual friend will put in a good word and I’ll just show up and that would be enough. I feel like my “persona” should only ever come out at night, but my audition is at 3pm today and it’s making me nervous about bringing “her” out during the day.


The weather is nice though

One thing that keeps my spirits up is how warm and sunny it is here. No more tanning beds for me, it’s all natural sunlight all day long. It always makes for much lighter packing and quicker unpacking! I have yet to try the shopping but the food is so fabulous it’ll be a wonder if I don’t gain 20 pounds in the next few months.


Missing home and the family

If I get this job today, that means I’ll be here for a while as it’s a contractual job, from 6 months to a year. It’s perfect for my little “year away” but I wonder about all the things I’ll miss at home. Of course, my mum was never happy about my choices but we’ve learnt to communicate over the years. This time apart might be good for us, but I miss my sisters. I miss my dad most of all, God rest his soul.


Practicing my routine

It’s 1pm now, and all I’ve eaten is half a turkey sandwich. I’m so nervous I can’t imagine what it would be like dancing in front of people and actually being judged for it instead of ogled. I better start practicing my audition routine; the club is about 20 minutes from my place and I’ve decided to walk there instead of catching a taxi in the hopes that fresh air will clear my head. That means I have about 25 minutes to practice, then 30 minutes to get ready, leaving me with roughly an hour to get there on time.


Wish me luck, if I get it, you’ll see much more of me!

So I’m signing off now – wish me luck! I’ll write again tomorrow because I’ll either be too upset or too excited to be coherent after I come back. Plus, some girls I met last night at a club invited me out to dinner and drinks so I’ll be partying all night long anyway. Expect updates about that experience too! ;)