Sun and Sin -
03 - Perform a lapdance for a girl and her boyfriend
Published on 07/26/2007
Angelina works as an exotic dancer, or stripper if you prefer. She shares her diary entries here at Sun & Sin.

Sexy threesomes

Angelina works as an exotic dancer and shares her diary with the readers of Sun & Sin.

Last night was my first lap dance for a girl. It was her husband’s birthday and as a present to him, she bought herself a lap dance and let him watch. I thought it was really amusing and sweet. Plus, she was a very very pretty girl so you’ll hear no complaints from me! I don’t think she was very happy when her husband sort of hinted at a threesome. The thing is, I think I wouldn’t have actually had minded having one with them. I’m not usually a sexually adventurous person but there was just something about them that I wouldn’t have turned down. This lifestyle must be rubbing off on me!


Day versus Night

Things like that potential threesome and my eagerness to try it out make me worry sometimes. I used to be what you could call almost prudish. I wouldn’t sleep with a boy on the first date, or even let him go past second base. When I decided to become an exotic dancer everything changed a little. I set rules for myself, but ever since I moved here I’ve practically broken all of them - the first being my dancing as “Angelina” in the middle of the day instead of late at night. I’ve been here for nearly a month now, and I find that I’m changing so much that my day persona is fading away to oblivion. I wonder if I would be able to come back to the old me, or if I will be changed forever.


A glimmer of light and hope

Not everything I do since I arrived here is depraved or debauched. I’m not a stupid girl! Just yesterday I made some flirty contact with a really cute guy I’ve been eyeing who works at the local grocer near my apartment. His name is Juan and we went out for coffee after his shift ended. It was innocent and wonderful and we talked about everything except one thing – what I did for a living. As far as he knows, I freelance write and am on nothing but a long holiday. I really like this guy, and I’m afraid to find out what he would think of me if he knew I was an exotic dancer. It was the first time in my career that I felt somewhat embarrassed of what I do. Maybe it has something to do with my recent feelings of worrying about my changing personality. Maybe I just want to hold on to something innocent? I don’t know :(


Time to cheer up!

Wow, this was a really gloomy entry, huh? I should learn to cheer up! I’m really living the good life here, with the sun and surf – a great job, lovely friends and a potential sweet boyfriend. I hope these dark feelings just go away because I’d much rather be having fun instead of feeling guilty and lost!! Now, it’s time to break out the ice cream, and lounge in front of the television before heading out to work! Toodles!