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Nice - Capital of the French riviera
Published on 04/2/2007

There are many dance bars, pubs, and cafés lighting the streets of Nice at night.

Nice - Riviera pleasures

Nice is a delightful place to visit where you will enjoy the richness of a blue-green sea, shopping, dining and the Cours Saleya Flower Market, ancient Roman ruins, Russian Cathedrals and much more. A wonderful French Riviera city, Nice is refreshing and pleasant.

Nice is the place to be. Young, hip groups of people visit Nice from all parts of the world but it is equally popular with families and adults too. It is also a paradise for honeymooners and couples who want to spend their 2nd or 3rd or 10th wedding anniversary.

Nice enjoys a mild and temperate climate with generous sunshine and lush green surroundings. Every sight in Nice is almost similar to that of Miami including the beach, the palm trees, and a spectacular oceanfront. Although, tourists visit Nice throughout the year but most people avoid the heat between July & August. The more pleasant months are May and June and then September through to November. From November to February, the temperatures go down to 5°C.

The nearest airport is located 7kms west of Nice and is called Nice Cote d'Azur Airport. It is well connected to all major cities of the world. You can find various modes of travel from the airport to the city like taxi, bus, and rail. There are helicopter transfers also available though they need to be booked in advance.

There are many dance bars, pubs, and cafés lighting the streets of Nice at night. Some of the popular places or haunts include:
• Blue Boy Enterprise: It attracts diverse crowds through theme nights and plays cutting-edge music, which are regarded as some of the best on the Riviera.
• Disco Butterfly: They offer ladies free night until 12:30am and a free drink to students. This disco is always full of the young, hip, and wild crowd.
• L'Ambassade: This bar offers great music, ambience, and dancing but caters only to a sophisticated crowd.
• La Palousa: This is one of the hippest dance clubs in Nice.
• Le Ghost: Offers a ghostly interior for ideal backdrop and stage for DJ's.

Local beer
You can taste all the best beer brands of the world here and also sip along the various collections of wines from the best wineries in France.

Boy vs. Girl
Definitely a safe place for women.

What to eat
The food in Nice is mostly French although you can find Inter-continental and even an English breakfast or a Chine haunt. But as the saying goes, when in France, eat French food and drink French wine. Some of the French offerings include crepes, coq au vin and cassoulet, which are popular and common.

The beach
The beaches of Nice are filled with pebbles and stones and can be quite packed in the summers. There are a few private beaches where you can find sand and easily sunbathe but on public beaches, it is a no-no!