Sun and Sin -
04 - The Landing Strip
By Angelina X
Published on 08/1/2007
Angelina reveals some of the dirty details from her job as an exotic dancer.

4th entry

Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

First up, apologies about the gloom!
I just want to apologize to you guys who read my blog about my gloomy previous entry. I was just feeling really down in the dumps and needed to get it off my chest. My friends helped cheer me up by taking me out lots, and another great uplifting moment was two days ago when Juan took me out on a real proper date - dinner, movies, a walk by the beach, the whole 9 yards. I’d never felt so pampered before, he even bought me lovely flowers. Pink roses, my favorite! I think I’m getting more comfortable in my career and with him that I could tell him soon. I hope he takes it well when I do.

Keeping in shape
Another great pick-me-up that helped me dust off the loneliness was joining a gym! All I’ve been doing since I got here is eat eat eat, dance dance dance! While the dancing keeps me fit, I need to stay in shape when I’m not dancing, so I look good WHEN I dance! So Jenna referred me to her gym – the place is so cool, it has all the latest equipment my old gym didn’t have, unlimited classes like yoga and pilates and an Olympic sized swimming pool! I’ve been using the sauna lots, just for a quick burn-off of all the extra water. My trainer – Steve – is really great and patient. We’ve worked out a whole routine for me to get more toned and flexible. It’ll really help my dancing – because more flexibility means I can put on a better show for you guys! ;)

A weekend getaway is on the horizon
This weekend’s my first weekend off since I started work at the club. To celebrate it, Juan and I have planned a romantic getaway on a nearby island. He knows how to sail so he’s going to rent a boat and we’re going to make our own way over there then stay in a cozy chalet we booked yesterday. I know, I know – it seems a little too fast to be taking a holiday together but it’s only a weekend across the “road” so to speak. It will definitely be special because I’m sure the weekend will see the first time we get fully intimate. It’s been a while; I hope I’m not too rusty! Faking all those movements on stage always leaves me frustrated for more when I go home; it’s like being a porn star without the sex. So this weekend will be a great welcome relief for me!

Getting groomed, life’s looking up!
I’m pretty well groomed, as I have to be since I’m quite literally naked almost every night in front of tons of people. Some guys may or may not want to read this, but it’s my diary so I’ll say whatever I want! :D I usually keep a bit of a landing strip, as some of you may already know. ;) However, I think I want something special for Juan this weekend, I was thinking of stripping it all off, pardon the pun. Perhaps a Brazilian? While I’m at it, I’m going to get fresh manicures and pedicures, then get my hair done too. I really want to be perfect for the perfect weekend. Plus, I’ll look even better on stage! I don’t want to jinx anything, but I really feel like everything will be not just okay – but perfect from now on. Life’s really looking up for me; I think you could even say I’m happy! I’ll let you know how the weekend went, wish me luck! :)