Sun and Sin -
05 - Women are better kissers than men
By Angelina X
Published on 08/5/2007
Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for In today´s entry she writes about men who can not accept her line of work and other dancers´soft lips.

Who needs men and who got a car?

Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

Never say life is perfect unless you want it to turn sour!
Picking up where I last left off, let me just put this down in words while I have the energy! The weekend that was meant to be perfect turned out to be a complete disaster! I won’t go into too much detail so to put it in short, after getting sun burnt, bitten by a million mosquitoes, and having to fight with the hotel because they gave us the wrong chalet – it turns out my ‘romantic sweet’ guy isn’t such a gentleman after all. When the night came along for us to get intimate, I decided to tell him what I did for a living. Then he did a complete 180 – and just got really seedy and starting mauling me. He practically raped me that night, but a swift kick to the crotch and catching a ferry back to the main island was all that happened. Suffice to say I am never seeing that jerk again!

Who needs guys, when women are much better kissers?
My girls really helped me feel a lot better after the whole Juan fiasco. They took me out shopping and clubbing before we went for facials. It was so magnificent, and then they told me stories about how they had trouble ‘coming out’ to their families and loved ones about their profession – but how everything eventually turned out for the better. Some had smooth sailing; some didn’t – different folks, different strokes. The best thing about it was one night at my place we got so drunk we ended up playing spin the bottle and making out with each other. I’d never kissed another girl before and now I have to wonder why not – girls are sooooo much more fun to kiss than boys! I still like boys, but wow, girls are just something else. Now I know why you guys like us so much. ;)

Looking for a new place to make new memories
A couple of days ago Juan tried calling, but of course I wasn’t taking his calls. So he showed up to my apartment that night and it was nearly another blood fest to be had! I’ve decided that changing my number and my locks just won’t do. Besides, I’ve been here a few months longer than I’d originally planned. So it’s time to look for a new place to live! Somewhere far away from the grocer that Juan works at! Maybe I’ll move in with Jenna for a while, but I don’t think her boyfriend would like that (or would he? ;)) I don’t want to get a place too far from the club, but I really can’t stay here anymore. There are good memories, but also many bad ones when it comes to that darn Juan!

Getting someone with a car that’s willing to help me move, any offers?!
The biggest hassle would be moving all my stuff to the new place. In a few short months I’ve accumulated way more stuff than I had back home. So much clothes, books, food, trinkets and what not. Even DVD’s! Plus, I love my furniture and there’s no way I’m leaving it behind when I worked so hard to collect pieces I liked so much. None of my girlfriends have cars, and I don’t want to hassle their boyfriends. I really need to get some more guy friends! I would genuinely take up offers from anyone who reads this diary but I don’t think I’ll take the risk of finding another Juan just yet. ;) I’ll just have to get one of the bouncers at the club to hook me up. Let’s hope that by the next entry I would have found a new place to stay! :)