Sun and Sin -
06 - Yoga pays off for a stripper
By Angelina X
Published on 08/10/2007
Today Angelina writes about her new dance routine.

New dance routine

Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

The good news first – I’ve moved out!
The bad news is – I haven’t found a new place to actually move into! I’m currently bunking at Jenna’s (her boyfriend welcomed me with very open arms, if you get my drift). I actually really like it here. She has such a great style and they’re just so homey and open and carefree. They tend to do quite a bit of drugs, mostly pot, so that makes me a bit uncomfortable but they never push me to try anything so it’s cool. All my stuff is in storage right now – one of the bouncers from the club, Talan is his name, hooked me up with a friend who let me keep stuff in his storage facility for half the usual price. I’ll need all the money I can save to afford rent at a nicer place than my old apartment!

Places I have looked at – the ups and downs of apartment hunting!
Apartment hunting is so difficult when you feel you have the right to be fussy. Your first apartment when you just move to a place can be any crummy old hole as long as it’s a roof over your head – but when you move into a new place – it has to be PERFECT! So finding the perfect place has been, to say the least, less than perfect. I’m almost considering just renting a room in a house but I like my privacy and big spaces to myself. There’s a new apartment unit being built about 30 minutes from the club, and it’s near facilities and transport so I wouldn’t always have to walk or cycle. However, it’s only going to be ready in 6-8 months. I could book an apartment now for rent, but I don’t know if I want to commit yet. Jenna says it’s fine if I stay with her until then but I wouldn’t want to impose – we haven’t been friends for that long!

More interesting things than moving into a new place – I’ve got a new dance routine!
My yoga classes at the gym have really paid off – I’ve come up with a few new moves I haven’t previously been able to do. It’s difficult to describe but it basically involves me climbing to the top of one of the poles on stage, then hanging upside down for a bit, before I do sit ups while my legs support me. I hope that makes sense – it would if you could see it in person! It was so strange the first time I practiced it – seeing the huge club upside down with all its ceiling light fixtures glaring brightly back at me. It was very surreal, but very fun – I can’t wait to try it out in front of an audience!

C-c-c-changes! The club is getting a makeover!
The club’s already pretty huge, but Nina said that the owners want to extend it a little more so that we can have more VIP rooms, more stages, another bar, and maybe have a little adjacent coffee house/diner so that we can make money during the day as well. They figure it gives the club more credibility if it’s seen as an entertainment venue more than just a place to get cheap thrills! They’re also changing up the lighting so that it’s not so dim anymore – just a tad brighter and more orange than the current red. I think it’ll look great, really festive and a lot less seedy! The construction’s already started and it gets kinda noisy during the day (which is when we usually practice) but there’s not much to be done so the club will get its fresh look within the month. I can’t wait!