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09 - Yes, strippers do sometimes have sex with their customers
By Angelina X
Published on 08/26/2007
Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

- They don’t call it a striptease for nothing, you know!

Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

A lot less gloom, a lot less doom, a lot more room!
I apologize again for my previous entry. I know nobody enjoys reading gloomy entries when they’re looking for fun! To make up for it, I’ll let you lot know first off that I’m doing a lot better now – I’ve found a perfect balance of all things good and evil. That’s all I’m going to say about that because I have much bigger news – the club’s finally finished with its renovations! There’s so much more room to move around in now and I started my first dance class training the new girls yesterday!

Younger fresher hotter girls
It’s a good thing I’m secure with my physique that I don’t feel threatened by these new girls who are a lot more fresh faced and innocent compared to us jaded folk. They’re so eager to learn and what’s better – eager to please. That’s good for learning but not for dancing – it’s not about pleasing, it’s about teasing! They don’t call it a striptease for nothing, you know! Anyway, I have a good feeling about the girls, just as long as they don’t steal my regulars from me! Speaking of which…

A new guy in my life
A couple of nights ago, one of my regulars – let’s call him Tom – decided to make more than just small talk during a private dance. In fact, he asked me out! I should have said no, since for one – it’s against the rules and for two – I don’t feel ready to see anybody new right now. Yet something in me made me say yes. Maybe it was the raunchy dance I was putting on, or maybe I was just plain horny. Whatever the case, we went on a relatively conventional date that ended very happily if you get my drift. It’s definitely not love, but I definitely like him – he’s sweet, respectful and attentive. Best of all, he already knows what I do for a living and I already know he loves my performances so that’s another thing he has on that loser Juan.

More great and exciting news: a possible change of career path?
As if life hasn’t been exciting enough with the fresh new look of the club, new girls, and new men – now I might embark on a new career too! Jenna introduced me to one of her friends from out of town (as in from back home in the States) – apparently he caught one of my performances and thinks I have ‘potential’ so he asked Jenna to hook us up. He gave me his card and some hard selling about how I had a face for TV and movies, even some modeling because I was still in my early 20s. What makes it more exciting is that I looked up his company – and they specialize in adult films! Yeah, that’s right – I never thought I’d be excited rather than disgusted, but given the things I’ve been through in the past few months, I am actually all for it! I’ll let you guys know what my decision is in the coming weeks! ;)