Sun and Sin -
11 - Going from stripping to adult films
By Angelina X
Published on 09/13/2007
In her latest diary entry Angelina reveals that she will move into adult films.

- There was so much contradicting advice, that I don’t know who to listen to!

Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

‘Angelina’ is now and up & coming adult film star!

Yes, it’s true! The company I sent my audition tape to have decided to give me a try. There are no financial contracts on the table, just an upfront payment for now – just to test the waters. The only contract I signed is a confidentiality agreement that I won’t release the name of the company who hired me. Don’t worry, it’s nothing seedy, it’s just a precaution since I’m not legally bound to them as a talent (yet!). They’re even paying for my flight back to the US for the shoot, accommodation, food, allowance and the return flight back here as well!


Preparing for the role of a lifetime

It may not be Hollywood glitz and glamour, but it doesn’t make it any less appealing to me right now. I have such respect for the people in the industry and what they have to deal with, and what they’ve been through. I relate so much to them now, even though I’ve only been through a mere fraction of what they’ve experienced. The girls at the club, Jenna included, who have done adult films before gave me a few pointers. Namely, get to know your co-star before the cameras start rolling, or you won’t look very into it. If he’s an asshole, then you just have to put that aside and do your best to act like you’re into him. There was so much contradicting advice, that I don’t know who to listen to! I guess I’ll just play it by ear!


My regulars are supportive of my new career advancement

A few of my choice regulars and I talk on the phone on a near-daily basis. Trust me, it’s normal for us girls to give our numbers to customers we trust. As long as they’re not looking for more – as long as they still want that fantasy. Most of the men who come in just want company and a good dance, and they tip well so I don’t mind. Anyway, I’ve told a few of them that they may see less of me in the future if my movie takes off and I get a contract, but they were very supportive – they even promised to buy my movies!


I’m seeing so many people, but I’m happily single!

Anybody remember Tom? Yeah, me neither! He was history a long time ago, and there have been many who have taken his place since. He still comes to the club and I give him a dance or two but we don’t see each other outside of my work anymore. I’m quite happy not seeing anybody regularly other than my customers during working hours. It keeps me on my toes and doesn’t make me feel tied down. I feel like I don’t owe anybody anything unless they pay me. That makes me sound like a whore, but I don’t sell my body, so I don’t think it makes me a whore.


Getting into character for my first adult film

I’ve been reading over the script for my movie. There’s not much dialogue but there is a storyline, so that’s good. I don’t know if I’d be ready to jump into hardcore scenes with no plot. The director told me that the sex scenes won’t be all shot in one day. He even said we could go ahead and do dialogue scenes on the first day so I could get comfortable. It’s wonderful that people are taking my best interests to heart! Everybody’s been so supportive, I am ever so grateful. Wish me luck for my movie! Love, me. ;)