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Photos from an Ibiza night
Published on 08/4/2007
Some photos uploaded to Flickr that shows the party atmosphere in Ibiza.

Ibiza Photos
Ibiza 2007 1

Ibiza 2007 16

The young and beautiful party hard in Ibiza.

The photos are from the "MN2S opening set."

MN2S opening
MNS2 is occupying Monday nights at El Divino. The atmosphere is supposed to be "glamorous."

Opening night 25th of June
Feddie Le Grand (Put your hands up for Detroit) was the headliner of the opening night. The party continues every Monday throughout July & August.

More photos
MN2S has their own profile on Flickr where they upload some quality photos of their guests and performers.

Visit MN2S' Flickr account to see more: MN2S Ibiza 2007 Opening Party (