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10 Reasons Why a Woman Loves Diamonds
By Elaine Jacelle
Published on 08/15/2007

Here's another honest-to-goodness perspective why diamonds are popular among girls.

What bling bling to wear? Diamonds of course.

How true that diamond is a girl’s best friend? Here's another honest-to-goodness perspective why diamonds are popular among girls. Lucky are the women who can afford it, but most women would prefer that their men shower them with it.

1. It shows that the guy won't care about how much money he spends on her

Women love to be spoiled especially those who grew up being Daddy’s girl. The price of a diamond may equal to a 2 to 3 months salary of your man, and no fool is willing to spend that much on you if he is not serious about his intentions. There are other means of showing love, but is there a better way of proving it than with diamond? Well if not, for me, maybe a mansion in Malibu would do! Okay, I’m kidding.

2. Because she can show it off to her friends

Your eyes may roll, but as a woman having a normal circle of girl friends, when somebody is about to get hitched, we judge the purchasing power of her soon-to-be husband by the engagement ring he gives her. Diamonds are so far the most extravagant expression of love when we talk about engagement rings. A cubic zirconia may be cheaper and exhibit less flaws, but it feels better wearing the real thing.

3. It makes her feel like a princess

She may not have the amount of diamonds Princess Diana possess when she was still the reigning Princess of Wales, but nonetheless, this will make her feel extra-special.

4. It's a symbol of social status

Not everybody can afford to have diamonds, not all fiancés can buy it for their girls. So having a diamond on your hand means you have a more comfortable life than the rest or it was given to you by someone who has the financial resources.

5. Because it proves how committed the guy is

He is willing to go, err, spend, the extra mile to convey his love for her. What type of woman will not be flattered if a guy spoils her this way? Another point is, when a man asks you to put the ring around your finger, it’s like telling the world that you are already committed to him. It’s a confirmation that the guy is willing to be yours.

6. It’s luster is eye-catching

Certainly, a diamond in a woman’s hands won’t go unnoticed. The luster is attention grabbing. So the bigger they are, the more eye-catching it gets. The lady wearing it would be very pleased with the attention she gets.

7. Because she could be a subject of envy

Others would think she’s fortunate for having been gifted a diamond by her beau. Expect the most envious reaction from his ex-girlfriend whom he promised to wed but never did.

8. It's glamorous and expensive!

Diamonds are the best evening accessories. They make you sparkle, they make you glitter. It shows an air of sophistication and class.

9. Because diamonds are forever

A man giving her woman a hard-earned diamond signifies that he sees her as a part of his future. But if a man is wealthy enough, don’t easily fall for it. He can buy the biggest rock and can divorce you within six-month expiration. .

10. It makes her feel that she deserves the best

I may agree that diamond is overrated but since it’s the standard in the name of professing one’s undying love, women dig it.

Not known to many, the reason why diamond had become a symbol of undying love was because of DeBeers' advertising campaign in the 1930’s. This well-known diamond supplier was successful in inculcating in the minds of couples that diamonds are the ultimate expression of eternal love.

Once again, it's the media hype. You cannot blame us, women, to see diamond as girl's best friend. Some women are materialistic, some are not, and it depends on you which category you would admit you belong. Let’s be truthful to ourselves. If you do not like diamonds as gifts, I bet you want something equally expensive! Which remind me that I should add another reason why rich men are better than poor ones. They can afford to give you a glittering rock!