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How to Get a Date with an Investment Banker
By Elaine Jacelle
Published on 08/22/2007

So, you're on the prowl for the neat guy in a nice suit, who's knowledgeable when it comes to money and potentially has a lot of money?

Are you a gold digger and a social climber?

So, you're on the prowl for the neat guy in a nice suit, who's knowledgeable when it comes to money and potentially has a lot of money? This reminds me of an acquaintance who has a thing for polished gentleman that works in banks. I actually think she's a gold digger and a social climber but I never slapped my opinion to her face. However, she was nice enough to give me information how to catch these hot stuffs.

Social Networking

Ask your friends, co-workers and relatives if they know a hot investment banker who may be a friend of their friend. Who knows, that guy maybe interested in meeting someone for a date. It actually pays to know a lot of people. I don't imply that you make them all your BFF, but you never know, they may be source of valuable information.

Do you know anyone who works in the bank, not necessarily an investment banker but someone within the circle? They may be the best sources of banker's contact information.

Know where they hang out

These corporate people surely know how to have fun especially on Fridays or over the weekend. Are there bars around you where they could be chilling out with their boys? If so, hang out in that place too with your girls. When a cute banker cross your path, distance yourself from the girls.  According to some surveys, it's easier for a guy to approach his female prospect when she's alone rather than chatting with a group.

Project a smart-girl image

When you spot him, if you want to be taken seriously, act smart (but be sure you look gorgeous). Going wild and almost naked on the dance floor will just categorize you on the good for a one- night-stand girl. When you catch his eyes, go to the bartender's nook and get a drink. Stay there for a while and wait if he has the guts to approach you. Never ever chase a man like a desperate vixen. I know you're hunting for a rich investment banker but make him believe that he's the one hunting for you and you're just there to keep his options open.

You may read my tips on how to dress sexy for clubbing (also on this site). Remember to dress classy but with spunk of sexiness.  When he gets near you, please stop rambling and mumbling. Act cool, calm and collected even if your knees are shaking with much anticipation.

Try online

If what I stated above does not work for you, you may want to try those online matchmaking sites like or Try browsing the site and I bet there must be a single investment banker among the thousands of members. Add them as a friend and see how it goes. But be careful on this one because we are not sure of how truthful some people can be on the facts that they display on their profiles.

Bank Information

If still, you’re not lucky on your online quest. Call the bank and ask them if they have an investment banker they could refer. This is a tricky move. They may refer a very old married guy or they may refer someone young and hot, the guy that you’re exactly looking for. But at least you tried. You may click personally with the investment banker given to you. When he goes down to business, just inform him later on that you invested your money elsewhere. lol

Good luck on catching a big fish. I hope your new investment banker gives you load of credit cards!