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How to Pick Up a Male Model through Facebook
By Elaine Jacelle
Published on 08/23/2007

This is all about finding a male model on the site and how to get his attention.

Hook up with a male model on Facebook

Just in case you do not know what I am talking about, Facebook is the social networking site which had been gaining popularity among students and professionals. FYI, Harvard students were the pioneer members of this site. Don't worry I am not here to talk about how Facebook had begun, you can search for that elsewhere.

This is all about finding a male model on the site and how to get his attention. Although I have a Facebook profile way back, I still need to have it figured out for me to be able to give you the essential tips on how to pick up a male model through Facebook.

Compared to Myspace, it has more control on the fake profiles. In Myspace, the minute you set up your account, all kinds of spam will be present in your inbox and your comment box. I cannot decipher what a real profile from a fake one. At least in Facebook, I'm more sure that the profile is real.

Update your Profile

Hey, you do not want to make your profile look boring, don't you? Be sure to input some basic facts about you. A profile picture is a must because people won't bother to look into your profile if you do not have a picture. Simply because this displays lack of interest on your part to be open to people whom you do not know. 

Searching for the model type

It's fairly easy and it's no brainer! Join a group which is intended for models. I tried joining some groups where the invitation is open (you do not have to be approved by the moderator of the group). I saw a lot of gorgeous hunks in those groups. 

To get their attention on the group page, leave a comment for the group. If they find you cute, they might click on your profile before you click on theirs.

Poke them

Unfortunately, there is a tight privacy setting in Facebook; you are not able to view other’s profile if they are not in your network. If this is the case, you have three options to get his attention. You may Send him a Message, Poke him or Add him as a friend.

A poke is equivalent to a nudge however I read somewhere that it implies a sexual connotation. But I think this is the best way to get his attention. I won’t click on the friend request. I mean, he does not know me at all so it’s a lot cooler if I poke him. When you poke a cutie, he will have access to your profile for a week. This is an open window for him to add you as friend if he thinks you’re attractive or just curious about you.

When you’re friends

There are applications you can use as a tool to let him notice you. You may write on his “Wall”. This is actually equivalent to the Comment Box of other networking sites. But there are more features here. With “X me”, you have the option to hug, tickle, pinch, bite, kiss, or trip your prospect. If he has the “Likeness” application on his page, you may also try to take the quiz to see how similar you are with each other. The result will be displayed on his page. If there’s a high similarity, chances are, he will get curious about you.

Next level

It won’t hurt if you compliment him by adding a comment on his picture. Please do not write comment on every picture he has or he may think you’re a psychotic stalker. Limit it to one picture comment. At this stage, I will leave it up to you. You may initiate sending him a message and if there’s chemistry, I am sure he will write back too. Then, you may exchange numbers and all the necessary information to get started.

As a reminder, just be yourself girl. And please do not go looking for a prospect who resides on the other side of the planet. I hope you find the male model of your dreams.