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How to Pick Up a Celebrity Man
By Elaine Jacelle
Published on 08/24/2007

I am not discouraging you but celebrities are known to date their own high profile kind. However, here are few things which could help you.

Get a date with someone famous?

The easiest way is to close your eyes and dream. If you’re really into this, let’s consider the pros and cons. Picking up a celebrity man is not an easy mission. The more major they are, the harder for you to get them. So do not even think of stealing Brad from Angelina. That’s not next to impossible, it is impossible (unless you’re Jennifer Anniston).

I am not discouraging you but celebrities are known to date their own high profile kind. However, here are few things which could help you:

Be updated

Yes, get the tabloid and see their whereabouts. I am not suggesting that you be a stalker. The thing is you should know where they hang out so you will know where to parade your stuff. Oh wait, be sure that you’re more than the average girl, because if not, your chances are very slim. They will only notice you (cross your fingers) if you stand out on a crowd (i.e. you look like a supermodel). 

You may know where they can be spotted, but will they even look at your way? They may even have armies of bodyguards who would block your sight. On this note, stay contented that you have seen them.

If he looks your way

Smile back and if he says hi, do not act too desperate and too eager to kiss his toes. I guess if you come on this point, consider yourself lucky. Be yourself and try to act normal. Do not let him think that you’re about to faint. Act self-assured and do not let your self be affected with his so-called celebrity status. In this way, he’ll see you in another light and not just a fan who’s willing to throw her panties on his way.

Here are other tips that may work if you cannot see a star within your vicinity:

A letter from a fan

You can easily lookup their fan mail address. However, asking them out through letters is not a feasible idea. Heck, you’re not the only girl in this planet who wants to date them. So if I were you, forget this even if others advice you to do it.

Join “Date a Celebrity” contest

Scour the states to look for “Date a Celeb” contest. Fortunately, you do not have to visit state per state. Just check it out online if there are promotions like this one. has a “Seduce a Celeb” contest which you may want to give a try.

Money talks

Sometimes, you can see them on auction at eBay or other auction places. This is a nice try if you have the bucks. Most of the time, the money goes to charity. At least your madness has a good use for the less fortunate. Keep an eye on the bidding process if you badly want it. However, your choice of stars is limited. Let’s wait ‘til Britney would want to do this.

Well, some might think that making your wish come true to date a celebrity is a waste of time. But if you really want it, I say go for it and look for the possible means. Actually it’s not impossible.  Stars can be within reach too but do not try so hard that you’re starting to make a fool of yourself. Happy hunting!