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Acapulco - Increasingly popular among young people
Published on 03/30/2007
Many think of Acapulco as a pensioners paradise, but it is becoming increasingly popular among the young party jetset.


Acapulco beach
When in Acapulco, go 'loco'! This is exactly the motto of the visitors who come to this beach resort. The resort has some beautiful beaches, where the sun always shines, and the waters are always warm. And when dusk comes calling, the resort converts into a hedonistic party paradise, until its dawn!

Who visits?

U.S. College students taking time out during spring breaks, beach bums from Europe, adventure sports enthusiasts who love scuba diving, sports fishing, golfing, or just sunning themselves make for a very diverse section of tourists who visit this resort town!

When is the season?

Blessed with great weather through out the year, Acapulco experiences rainfall between June and October. Even during this period the temperature remains comfortable, while humidity never gives too much of cause for complaint. Average daytime temperature varies from 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.


The Alvarez International Airport (ACA) offers domestic and international flights. Reach Acapulco in just over half an hour from Mexico City. Use the shuttles to reach the major tourist area of La Costera (the main street) in around 35 mins. A round trip could cost you from USD$230.00 to USD$500.00 depending on the class and season. Taxis, run without meters, should cost you approximately $120 pesos.

Where is the nightlife?

Acapulco is renowned for its nightlife. A wide range of lounge bars, pubs, discos and restaurants offer a lot of fun, and many places including "El Alebrije", "Disco Beach" and "Palladium", cater especially to tourists.

Due to the huge influx of student tourist population, the number of bars and clubs in the resort have increased manifold. Shorts and sneakers won't get you permission to enter in fancier places. The largest nightclub in Latin America, ‘El Alebrije’, has a young crowd (18-25) and the cover is $350 pesos for men and $300 for women. Other clubs include the Baby'O, Ibiza, Disco Beach, Andromedas, etc.

Local beer

When in Acapulco try the margarita or the national drink of tequila with salt and lime. Avoid local water, drink only bottled water or better still, drink only the local Sol or Corona beer!

Boy/Girl ratio

The resort is safe for girls. However, all necessary precautions such as not talking to strangers, staying in groups etc should be practiced. It’s easy for men to find girls in the resort.

What to eat?

Señor Frog's - is a party place; A sign outside proclaiming "Drunk Crossing" is a prelude to what lies inside.

Other hip joints such as Kookaburra, La Perla, whose claim to fame is the wonderful view of the cliff divers, allows you to have a buffet breakfast for $110 pesos while offering Mexican specialities like chilequiles (fried tortilla pieces with scrambled eggs and chilis), sopas, and chicharones, with yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, tropical juices, Mexican pastellitas (little coffee cakes) and seasonal treats such as a whole roasted piglet. Also check out ‘100% Natural’ restaurants.

How is the beach?

'La Costera' is the main boulevard in Acapulco and almost all the beaches lie in the bay area in front of it. Some of the most beautiful and popular beaches are Icacos, Condesa, Hornos and Caleta, of which Condesa is the cleanest and most scenic. And perhaps the best beach in Acapulco is the Playa Revolcadero, in close proximity to the Princess de Acapulco hotel.