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5 ways to hide the body of a dead gigolo
By Missi Gfunk
Published on 09/15/2007

A mere fun ‘hard party’ night of 5 girls and a gigolo in a hotel can turn out to be critical if the gigolo is found dead next morning. Here are 5 ways the girls can hide the body of the dead gigolo. 

Party vacation gone (wild and wrong)

5 girls….one wild night in a hotel room! Champagne, Bear, lots of fun and most of all- a gigolo. The party goes until 1.30 a.m. Drunk, tired of the screaming and wild sex, the girls sleep. The gigolo was in a bed with two girls. Next morning, the horrific scream of one girl wakes the others! The Gigolo is lying on the floor-dead!!  

You bitch! Why is not vanilla sex good enough for you?! The query is a valid one but a better thing to do for the girls now is to hide the body and get rid of the chance that the police gets to even interrogate them!! Here are 5 ‘dead body hiding’ ways for the girls to save their asses: 

1. Packing the case in a suitcase

Send two of the girls out for three big suitcases. Get the body in the suitcase. Buy more things- cloths, books and large appliances. This shows that the girls are tourists in town taking souvenir back home. In the morning the attendant at the hotel bar sees the girls coming in with their hands full of shopping.  

To get extra-sure, do it two more times. This will convince the people around that the ladies are up to heavy shopping today. Best of all, nobody could keep count to how many or much shopping packages the girls have piled in their room! They just know that it is a big baggage the ladies have piled up. 

At around 6.00 P.M. two girls can go out to know where the body can be safely dumped without people noticing. They will also hire a car with a large boot. At around 9.00 P.M., they will sign out of the hotel and with two or three large suitcases full of shopping items! 

‘Girls….’ people would think, ‘always after shopping’! The girls can load the suitcases in the car and dump the body in a ditch or something (the other two girls visited earlier) but they have to remember to dump only the body- not the suitcase! People have seen it in their hands. 

2. Let the hotel tell the tale

Another way to dispose or hide the dead gigolo is to dumping it in some rarely visited place in the hotel. They girls will have to send two or three girls to find such rooms where people do not go even for a week (well, only if the girls are lucky enough to find one).  

But the girls cannot let people think that there is something fishy happening. When no body is walking through the passages, the girls can do the job. They have to wear pairs of gloves to make sure no fingerprint is left.

3. Hide it at heights

The body can be taken to the roof. There would probably be couple of places where the dead gigolo can be hidden for two days, until body starts decomposing. This is enough time to get their boobs out of the hotel as fast as they can! 

4. Sundry things can stay at the laundry- even dead gigolos!

Perhaps laundry can be a better place to hide the body. The girls can take the body in the laundry and hide it there until everyone notices. Another brilliant idea for the girls to hide the tragic aftermath of their taboo passion could be- getting the body onboard the laundry van. This is risky but takes a lot of trouble off the babes. 

5. Let some gentleman have your ‘man’?

The girls can try break into someone else’s room or in a room that has no guest. They next step would be to go inside and place the body in the closet or under the bed. The bathroom can also be a nice place to keep the ‘inventory’ for a while. 

So which one do you like? Any one could be your choice but nobody would guarantee you could get away just like that!