Sun and Sin -
So you think you got a bikini body?
Published on 10/9/2007

Figure competition athlete Colleen Castaneda gives you something to work for.

Colleen Castadena is a figure competition athlete.

Do you think you got the perfect bikini body? Take a look at the muscled up and fattened down version in the clip above.

This video clip is from the 2006 IFPA Centaur Pro Figure Competition. It shows Colleen Castaneda's figure walk and some poses.

They look at her with disgust
A viewer of the clip asked: - What kind of reactions do you get from both men and women when you are at the beach or pool?

The answer from Colleen: - Sometimes people will look with amazement or a look of disgust. I get both sides of the pendulum. In the end, I love the look and it's all about making me happy. Mind you, in the off season, I do gain 10-15 lbs and it is in all the right places!