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Nurse costume: An easy way to attract sick guys
Published on 10/12/2007

The nurse costume is a popular choice for both halloween and your average bachelorette party.

The safe & sexy choice for your costume party: Become a nurse

The nurse costume is perfect for both your halloween party and your average bachelorette party. It is easy to buy one of these costumes and people are getting so used to seeing people dressed up as sexy nurses, so there's no real risk of creating too much fuzz.

Be a black nurse - The crazy choice!
If you dress up in a black nurse costume you suddenly become dangerous and sinful.. yeah! The obvious choice for goths and emos who want to dress up in a nurse costume.

Who? For me?
The "sexy nurse outfit is a good choice for those who want to keep it:

Simple - No fuzz in getting it to fit, it's just the classic and feminine mini version.

Accessible - Buy it in your average sexy lingerie outlet, or somewhere online.

Semi-naughty - All men have had fantasies about a nurse, by wearing an outfit like this you tap into this dream.

All photos from Flickr.