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Dubrovnik - Sophisticated nightlife
By Louisa Croft
Published on 04/3/2007

The nightlife here isn't wild and crazy, yet Dubrovnik is so full of atmosphere and sophistication.

Dubrovnik - Who visits, when does the season begin, airport, nightlife, cuisine and more..

Dubrovnik is a dazzling and beautiful historical city in the South of Croatia.  It's a friendly city set at the foot of scenic mountains and has a wonderful culture, rocky coastline and interesting history.  There's plenty to do, an abundance of cafe's and restaurants and lots of lively nightclubs and bars.  The city is home to great nightlife and the Old Town is attractive with lots of restaurants suitable for families, couples and single holidaymakers alike.
Currency here is in Kuna, not Euros.

Who Comes To Dubrovnik?
Families and couples love to come to the hotels in Dubrovnik, as do backpackers, with its fabulous beaches and coves.  However, the nightlife here is proof that those preferring to party the night away also come to Dubrovnik to sample relaxed nightlife.

When does the Season Begin in Dubrovnik?
Visitors to Dubrovnik come here as early as March when temperatures can be around 15 degrees shifting to 18-20 degrees in April.  Its warm climate means that the season is a long one, ensuring the city doesn't get overcrowded in July and August (when temperatures can reach as high as 38 degrees) like some other resorts.

Airport Information
Dubrovnik airport has its own shuttle service and you can also book taxi transfer to your destination for around 72Euros per car (up to 3 people).

Dubrovnik Nightlife
You can find Romantic bars, Irish bars, Cocktail bars and more in Dubrovnik.  The nightlife here isn't wild and crazy, yet Dubrovnik is so full of atmosphere and sophistication.  Locals choose to visit smaller bars like 'Carpe Diem' and holidaymakers choose the bigger more popular bars and clubs like 'Hemingway Cocktail Bar' and Troubadua (found near Gundulic Square).
You can choose to dress up and spend more, if thats the case then try 'Labrint' with a casino, restaurant and nightclub.
Expect some clubs to close early, especially in the quiet times, however they may remain open depending on how busy they are in July and August.
Although your night won't be cheap, places like 'Fresh' do have a 2-for-1 happy hour (between 7-9pm) and they've got a self-service cold beer machine which is pretty novel!

Local Drinks
You can find a local beer will set you back around 2Euros, try asking for a local drink 'Travarica'.  Wine on average can be 8.5Euros (per litre of house wine) but more expensive if you select specific brands.

Local Cuisine
Try an exquisite meal for two at the Restaurant Dubrovnik for around 65Euros (plus drinks), serving lobster, chicken, duck veal and venison there's something for every pallet.
Restaurants target backpackers so the food, although average prices, isn't always magnificent but you can find some great places to eat with a fantastic and friendly atmosphere.

Boy/Girl Ratio
Expect an uneven male to female ratio of 7:3 here, possibly because in general men feel safer backpacking here alone.  However both men and women come here for the beauty and friendliness.

Dubrovnik Beaches
Banje beach is only 50m from the city and is great for cooling down in the clear waters or taking part in water sports, you can also rent sun beds and umbrellas.  Zuljana beach is a beautifully set beach, however it's winding road access means that it can be difficult to get to for families or those with walking disabilities.