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Kavos - Party resort on Corfu
By Louisa Croft
Published on 04/3/2007

Bars and Clubs are in abundance on Kavos.


Kavos is just one of the resorts on the Island of Corfu which makes up just one of the beautiful Greek Islands.  It has a five mile sandy beach, a lovely heritage and an abundance of bars and clubs which adds to Kavos' appeal with it's vibrant nightlife.  Kavos is placed on the Southern coast of Corfu and has pleasant walks, beach and water activities and regular bus trips making sightseeing or relaxing easy to do.  Buses run every day and you can visit Corfu Town from Kavos for just 8Euros.

Who Comes To Kavos?
With the famous Club Freestyle (2wenty's) and Club 18-30, Kavos is mostly attractive to young holiday makers under the age of 30 because of the never-ending number of bars, clubs, cafes and typically british food.  Families visit the Island of Corfu but decide to stay away from the bustling Kavos streets.

When does the Season Begin in Kavos?
The best time to go to Kavos for partying is mid June to August when temperatures have been known to reach 40 degrees, however bars and clubs open up in early May when it's slightly cooler (around 20 degrees) and close toward the end of October when it's quiet.

Airport Information
When travelling to Kavos you will fly to Corfu International Airport where your transfer to Kavos will be around an hour.  Taxi transfer can be around 60Euros (per person) if there are two persons travelling and around 40Euros each with 3 people.

Kavos Nightlife
Bars and Clubs are in abundance on Kavos.  With all kinds of music – R&B, Dance, Pop, Greek – it's easy to find a bar you like.  Bars and Clubs as a rule won't charge entry and most bars will have a happy hour.  As you would expect in an energy fuelled resort, you will be tempted into certain bars by persuasive PR's offering free or cheap drinks. If you like Trance then go to 'Snobs' where the music is played loud so it's hard to miss.  Futures is the main club here where you'll find well known DJ's often play a couple of sets in High season.

Local Drinks
There are local beers (around 2.5Euros) or international beers and drinks like Fosters and Bud are usually around 5Euros.  Cocktails like 'fishbowls' can be around 6Euros.  Drinks prices are usually pushed up in clubs and, although you're not paying an entry fee, you will be expected to pay extra for drinks and soft drinks can be as much as 6Euros.  Prices of shots (spirits) and mixers vary depending on whether you select a local spirit or an international one.

Local Cuisine
As you would expect in a lively resort, Kavos is full of fast-food restaurants like McDonalds and Pizza restaurants.  You will also find Mexican food at 'Tex Mex' along with Indian, Chinese and Greek food – the choice is great.  You will find many restaurants are priced around 9Euros for a good three-course meal.

Boy/Girl Ratio
A good ratio of male to females in Corfu – it's around an equal measure because groups of singles like to holiday here.  There have been bad reports about violence here, although the reviews seem to suggest the opposite, but be careful.  Don't go there to drink too much and fight.  On an equal point, ladies, have your wits about you – you don't know the area and streets so stick with your mates and don't walk home alone, even if its 200 yards.

Kavos Beaches
The largest beach on Corfu is Kavos beach.  Being five miles long with soft sand and shallow waters, it's an ideal place for everyone to gather with the choice of sun worshipping, taking part in water and sand sports and then leading of to the restaurants early evening to continue on to clubs.  The beach here normally attracts families with children because the water isn't as deep as others, and because there are regular bus services offering all Corfu holidaymakers access to the beach.