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What is it like to work at Hooters?
Published on 10/24/2007
No rich parents? Then you probably need some extra income to get by in your college life. In attempt to earn extra cash, some students undergoes a babelicious transformation so she can serve wings to fat guys at Hooters.

To work at Hooters

A girl who worked at Hooters during her student years have written an interesting article at College Club: I was a Hooter's Girl.

A little excerpt from the article:

"There's a certain technique to create the perfect chest. That's Hooter's Lesson Number One. It's not written anywhere in the Hooters handbook, though, it's a secret lesson among Hooter girls.

At first, duct-taping my chest seemed to be the most ridiculous concept I could ever imagine. But that was merely the beginning. After taping and squashing my chest together until I had a flattened, compressed bust with a huge line of cleavage popping out of the middle."

Read the whole article here.