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Panama City Beach: Destroying livers
Published on 10/24/2007
Royster the Oyster takes a trip to Panama City Beach and join the springbreakers. In this video clip you get to experience both sides of the story.

Royster the Oyster visits Panama City beach

Panama City Beach is the premier destination for spring break party travellers. With its sugar-white sandy beaches and great party atmosphere, the city is the most popular spring break destination for high school and college students.

Royster the Oyster
In this video clip you get the pleasure of meeting Royster the Oyster. This darkly tanned man tries to keep up with the college kids in the spring break insanity. The video clip gives you a little introduction to the beer, bikinis and silliness you can expect from a trip to PCB during spring break. Royster the Oyster also complains about his worn-out liver in this clip. You have been warned.