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Top 10 free things to do in Mumbai
By Rohit Rath
Published on 11/5/2007

Free things to do in this city in India, including a hot tip about one of the most fashionable nightclubs in the world.

Free and nearly free things to do in Mumbai, India.

Mumbai is probably the biggest citadel in the world right now and the biggest city of the world’s fastest growing nation. More than millions of people worldwide visit Mumbai everyday but most of them commit the cardinal sin of missing out on sights n scenes which only Mumbai can offer. Based on my experiences with tourists in Mumbai and my own Mumbi’ah experience of 15 years here is my countdown to the top 10 things you should do if you are at Mumbai.

1. Local trains-The lifeline of the city.Yes ,they are shabby, dirty and stinky but this is one ride most tourists would never ever forget. Most downtown stations have over a million passengers in them on peak hours, more than most European cities. Travelling in them is a unique experience .Watch out for the crowd that goes in and out like a tornado at platforms

2. Gateway to India-The entry route for British and foreign traders to India in the 16th and 17th century. A stunning monument coupled with ferry rides deep into the sea makes this a must-see for any tourist.

3. Bombay Stock Exchange-The financial heartbeat of India. With bustling activity and all orthodoxism combined with modern financial practice, this would be a hangout point or anyone with a financial bone.

4. Bollywood Film Studio-The sets that produce over 10000 movies a year, more than any other country in the world. Though it may not have the same technical poweress of Holywood the sheer number of movies made and the traditional ‘masala’ factor of Bollywood would make anyone savour this place.

5. Marine Drive-This is the place where the people of Mumbai drop into to take a sabbatical from their stressful life. A walk or drive along the 3km C-shaped with the cool sea breeze and swaying coconut trees in the midst of a bustling metropolis is a thoroughly enjoyful and relieving experience

6. Juhu Chowpathy –It May not be the finest beach in the world, not even India or even Mumbai but the kaleidoscope of life there makes it up. No other beach would have such a myriad of activities. Starting from camel rides to the all famous Mumbai ‘panipuri’ and ‘bhelpuri’ this is one beach to kill away time …anytime

7. Zaveri Bazaar-The gold and diamond market of the world. Experience the breathtaking beauty of diamond made by some of the most talented craftsmen who certainly know how to create magic with jewellery . Words of caution to foreign tourists—beware of fake items and buy only from licensed dealers.

8. Essel World and Water Kingdom-This theme park and water world combo is the best place to splash around and have fun in India. Located at an island that is only accessible by boats during the day, this is the finest water park in the whole of Asia.

9. Insomnia bar-The Insomnia club in Mumbai has a huge dancing floor, state of the art audio and superb lighting system that add to the color of the scene. This nightclub is one of the most fashionable nightclubs in the world. The Insomnia in Mumbai plays popular music or in other words anything that is popular in the month. This is the most elite club in India where you can regularly meet all top film stars and page 3 celebrities.

10. Konkan Café Restaurant-Located at Cuffe parade, this proudly reflects the character of the city. One can easily discern the quintessential Mumbai flavour in this restaurant. It serves some of the best sea food cuisines in the world. Tip:-Do order the baked chutney lobster. Trust me, you will be left licking your fingers. Happy Travelling Bon Voyage