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Frankfurt: 4 free things to do & 2 tips on where to pick up drunk girls
By Jens Krause
Published on 11/13/2007

Here are some tips on what to do in Frankfurt, Germany.

Some free things to do during the day and some advice on where to pick up the laaadies at night

1) Frankfurt's Nizza-Gardens  - Take the tram No 12, 16 or 21 to Basler Platz. That is where you will find the beauty of the Mediterranean, where you won't expect it, in the middle of Frankfurt. The garden has been around since 1866.
The gardens as the name suggests lets you escape Frankfurt's city life, to enjoy palm trees, lemon trees orange fruit trees and other plants that normally you won't see in Germany. Escape to the Mediterranean a tram ride away.

2) Waldspielpark Goetheturm - Take bus No 30, 36, 954, 962, 963 and get out at Sachsenhäuser Warte. This huge park is especially popular with kids and families as it has a large adventure playground and Germany's tallest wooden tower on any playground at 43 meters height. The adventure playground has giant slides and many games for kids as well as a water spray and water games area.

Frankfurt's skyline can also be seen from the tower.

3) Go swimming at "Freibad Stadion" - This outdoor swimming park is located at Stadion tram station and you get there with tram No 21.

It has 4 swimming pools for the grown-ups, the kids and the ones who can't swim. It also has 5 spring boards from 1 to 10 meters high. It has 2 slides, a waterfall and water canon. As well as massage pools and other fun stuff.

Main attraction is a 118m long slide. Part of the water park of course are also a big playground, table tennis and a boccia-track.

4) Visit Frankfurt's Stock Exchange - Built in the 19th century visitors can see what is really going on right there on that busiest German trading floor. However you need to make a reservation at least 24h in advance. It's for free so if you are a finance geek you can call 069-21 11 15 10 to let them know you are coming.

You get there with the subway No S1 to S6, S8 & 9 or U1 to U3, U6 & U7 to Hauptwache station. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but hey it's free ! And anyway from there you can shop till you drop coz it's just next to Frankfurt's main shopping alley: the "Freßgass".

5) Frankfurt's Ladies Night

While you are in Frankfurt, why not pick up a hot (drunk) German chick, that's at least what my best Indian mate always dreams about. The best place for that would be Ladies Night at City-Club Kelkheim, Frankfurter Str.43. Every Friday from 10pm-12midnight free entry for ladies. You are guaranteed to have healthy girls-to-boys ratios there. Enjoy the night, but make right pick. The choice is all yours. You can rock that girl to Dance, Latino, Black Music, House and many more on different floors.

6) Club Nexx - ALL YOU CAN DRINK! 

 If you prefer to have really really drunk ladies to plenty of them, go to Club Nexx. Ladies merely pay €19 to get piss drunk while gentlemen need to pay a slightly higher €25. I calculated the price per 1ml consumed concentrated alcohol and trust men make a way better deal going there.

The chance to get laid per 100 ladies is at 1.5% also higher compared to a ladies night of 0.9%. Guess why, they are to drunk to realize how you really look like. Club Nexx, Tauben Str.17, House, Techno, Progressive Trance. Get there with subways U1 to U3 station Eschersheimer Turm or U1 to U7 and S1 to S8 station Hauptwache