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Lindsay´┐Żs Two Minutes Up on Nicole
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 11/16/2007
Lindsay back into trouble again. Find out what she did this time.

Detained and no Jail?

Lindsay reportedly turned herself into the Lynwood Correctional facility at 10:30 in the morning.  She was accompanied by her attorney, Blair Berk.  The reporters state that Lindsay never actually made it into a jail cell; she was simply detained in the holding area for 84 minutes.  This is a whole two minutes longer than Nicole Richie’s stay.  Way to go Lindsay; however, she does fall a little short of Paris Hilton’s record. 

            In my opinion it seemed as if Lindsay was getting a little board of her regular life of shopping all day and going out to the clubs at night.  I mean there are only so many different stores on Rodeo Drive.  The only other explanation would have to be that she felt left out of the group and wanted to fit in more with Nicole and Paris.