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Britney Won’t Need a Soccer Van After All
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 11/20/2007
Does Britney care about the driving laws?

Britney's Driving Problems

It was the red light district for Britney Spears this past week.  She was caught on tape running a red light while driving her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.  The boy’s father, Kevin Federline called his lawyer demanding action is taken upon Britney immediately. 

The pop icon was in court for 90 minutes awaiting some type of verdict. The judge announced that Britney is no longer allowed to drive her kids.

Clearly Britney is not fit to be a chauffer.  I don’t think she should take this as a big loss.  It’s one less responsibility that she has to take on and we can see that she can’t handle too many of them.