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Hayden and Ne-Yo deep in Butter
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 11/21/2007
Could this be a beginning of a new relationship?

NYC Party

Late last night the Heroes Star Hayden Panettiere was seen arriving at the New York City club “Butter” and she wasn’t alone.  Along side of Hayden was the Hip-Hop artist Ne-Yo.  Hayden clinched onto Ne-Yo’s arm as they walked into the hotspot.


Is this a beginning of a new relationship?  I sure hope not, at the age of 18 the Heroes hottie can do much better than the 25 year old singer-songwriter. 


There were plenty of other stars making an appearance at the NYC club, to mention a few, Hilary Duff along with her latest boyfriend Mike Comrie (center for New York Islanders).  The sources also state that other stars such as John Mayer, Robin Thicke, and Paula Patton also showed up for the festivities.


It will be exciting to see who shows their faces Wednesday night on the biggest club/party night of the year.