Sun and Sin -
The Hulkster’s big Surprise.
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 11/25/2007
Hulk Hogan (The famous wrestler) is getting divorced.

Hulk Hogan & Wife no more

As of this week reports say that Hulk Hogan’s wife, Linda, has recently filed for divorce.  It does not seem like she even told Hogan. 


When the reporters asked Hulk how he was dealing with his recent divorce, he responded:  “I’m kind of shocked … You caught me off-guard. Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me.”


This can’t be good for their very popular reality TV show, “Hogan Knows Best.”  Linda plays a major role in the show adding a lot of extra things to look at. 


In my opinion the Hulk will most likely turn this into a positive and perhaps switch his show into a type of dating reality show.