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Published on 03/30/2007

The best beaches of Turkey. But how is the nightlife?


Alanya Beach
Alanya is a very popular seaside resort in southern Turkey. The east and west of Alanya is said have some of the best beaches in Turkey, while the mighty Taurus Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop for them. Much of old Alanya lies on the great rocky cape that juts out into the sea providing some stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Who visits?


For young and old alike, Turkey makes for a wonderful destination. Jostling streets, colourful handicrafts, old traditions and cultures, exotic cuisine, Turkish coffee and the Hookah…all add to Alanya’s and Turkey’s charm and attraction.


When is the season?


Visit Alanya during summers and come back with a perfect golden tan. The high season is from May to September but it also has the hottest days. A moderately continental Mediterranean climate ensures that it rains during winters, making the summer months long, hot, and dry.




The closest airport to Alanya is the Antalya Airport. It’s a good idea to fly to Antalya and then take a bus or hire a car and travel to Alanya, which is just 120 km away. Two bus depots have buses and dolmus systems, but they are usually limited to the major roads and the main modes of transportation within the city is by car, taxi, or foot, as many roads in the old town are closed to traffic.


Where is the nightlife?


Just like all resort towns, Alanya comes alive in the night, though it’s very busy by the day as well.  Partying the night away is not difficult, especially with the wide variety of bars and restaurants to choose. You can find all imported brands of beers/alcohol, as well as local favourites. But be warned that the drinks in the nightclubs are insanely expensive and a can of beer can cost as high as �4.50. Check out the harbour area for most of the famous and popular bars and discotheques including Crazy Horse, Casper Bar and The Dubliner. Enjoy foot tapping western and traditional Turkish tunes.


Local beer


The local beer in Turkey is called ‘Efes’. Try the beer with the local cuisine and enjoy a nice cheap meal at any of the numerous cafes in Alanya. Or you can always try the Turkish coffee!


Boy/Girl ratio


Turkish women are quite traditional and it may not be easy to find a Turkish woman as company in Alanya.


What to eat?


Turkish cuisine is very tasty in general. And when in Alanya you must try kebabs – They will cost you around 2 Lira and are more like a snack than a meal. A must try is ‘Baklava’ – a very tasty pastry sweet. The cost will depend on the weight for ex: 12 Lira for a kilogram.


How is the beach?


With an unbeatable beach life, Alanya’s two beaches, the beautiful sandy Cleopatra beach that lies to the west of the resort, and the fine sands of Alanya beach that stretch towards the east offer a wide range of water sports and relaxing options.