Sun and Sin -
Britney’s Five Finger Discount
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 11/30/2007
Britney bad at driving now shes a thief?

Britney Stealing

Being a major celebrity, you get pampered with tons of free gifts from various fans and businesses that want you to endorse their products.  Britney Spears decided that she wanted a little extra discount, perhaps a five finger discount.


Reportedly, she was out shopping at the Hustler adult store when the latest crazy incident occurred.  Britney saw a pair of panties on display and decided she wanted to try them on.  That’s when the store clerks informed her that she wasn’t allowed to.


"They told her they don’t allow people to try on underwear and she was really upset,” reported a witness.  So Britney decided that she was going to try the underwear on in the middle of the store.   


“The staff told her she had to pay, and she rolled her eyes, but paid with a credit card.” And on the way out the door, the “Toxic” singer grabbed a wig from a mannequin display and left.