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Rhythm lessons needed in Panama City Beach, Florida
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/4/2007
If you have no rhythm, don’t try to dance.

If you have no rhythm, don’t try to dance.

It’s a good thing that this young woman is attractive because she sure can’t dance. She’s got that liquid courage though, so she gives it a shot.


At Club La Vela: Panama City Beach, Florida with no clue.

Thinking back on my own party times and the foolish things I have done, I was trying to remember if I ever let anyone video tape me.


The answer is No! I’ve done some crazy things in my time but I’ve never been foolish enough to let someone capture me on tape acting like a fool.


I wonder how many times this young woman watched this video (after she was sober) before she went straight to the nearest dance studio for lessons or the nearest AA meeting.


Even booze can’t give you rhythm if you have none. See for yourself.