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Playa de Las Americas on the island of Tenerife
By Louisa Croft
Published on 04/3/2007
Most of the bars here are geared towards British tourists with there being endless English pubs and clubs with mainly English workers.

Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is the largest development on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, which has been built specifically to attract tourists.  Located on the South-Western coast of Tenerife, Playa de las Americas is a slightly built up resort which is very popular with singles, couples and families alike but well known for its hot weather and part atmosphere because of its many bars and clubs.

Who Comes to Playa de las Americas?
Mainly packed at the height of the season with young couples and single groups of holidaymakers from the UK, Playa de las Americas is a lively and energetic resort offering endless choices of bars and clubs ensuring the resort really comes to life at night.  Nightlife here is for those that can keep up.  Expect to find under 30’s living it up on a night time!

When Does the Season Start in Playa de las Americas?
The main summer season begins as early as April through to October, however due to its temperatures (the resort lays just under the clouds and has a sub-tropical climate) the winter months often low temperatures are 18 Degrees and have been known to reach 32 degrees in October making it the ideal resort to come all year round.

Best Airport
When you book a holiday in Playa de las Americas you will travel to Tenerife South Airport.  There are all manner of amenities here and you can catch a taxi to the resort for around 40 Euros and it will take approximately 30 minutes, longer if you transfer by coach.

Playa de las Americas Nightlife
The Patch, where you’ll find famous bars like Linekers and Jumpin’ Jaks bars, is usually the place to begin the night with ‘Veronicas’ being another very popular spot.  Most of the bars here are geared towards British tourists with there being endless English pubs and clubs with mainly English workers.  Your night may well continue into the early hours of the morning. Remember to check out Cream and Ministry of Sound but watch the drinks prices as they can be pricier than some other clubs.

Local Cuisine
Although Playa de las Americas has Tapas bars, if you don’t particularly like Spanish food then you’re in the best place!  You will find on the resort there are plenty of menu boards advertising English breakfasts, Sunday Roasts and more and there are plenty of fast food outlets where you can buy fish and chips, kebabs and burgers.  If you prefer a relaxing sit-down meal, there are Italian pizza restaurants along with Chinese and Indian eateries to get your taste buds going. Expect to pay in the region of 7Euros for a steak meal for one with a local beer.

Local Drinks
You might find the local beer sells at just 1Euro which is extremely cheap, but watch the prices on international alcoholic beverages and soft drinks as they’re imported and can cost around 4Euros and more.  You could try a fab cocktail from around 2.5Euros.

Boy: Girl Ratio
Expect there to be an equal mix of boys to girls in this resort.

Playa de las Americas Beaches
The beaches here are man-made beach with soft sand that was imported from the Sahara desert!  The beach is ideal for sunworshippers and energetic holidaymakers alike with plenty of watersports and other activities.  If you prefer a quieter beach, walk along the seafront promenade for around 20 minutes and go to the neighbouring resort of Los Christianos.  If you want to leave the beach and do something else try the spa’s you can find on the island, entry can be from around 6Euros.