Sun and Sin -
Passed out friend goes for a swim in Ayia Napa
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/5/2007
Pranksters dump passed out friend in the pool.

Pranksters dump passed out friend in the pool.

These guys seem to be having lots of fun on spring break by pulling a dirty trick on one of their friends.


Drown your friend in Ayia Napa.

From the looks of this video these light hearted friends are really having a laugh at their buddy’s expense by dumping him in the pool.


One should make sure and not overdo the beverages unless you are in the company of someone who is watching out for you.


While traveling to an exotic location for sun, sand and adult beverages this young man could have actually drown if everyone else was feeling as little pain as him.


Take a look at this dangerous prank and see how the 'prankee' had to be saved from it. Thank goodness the IQ’s of these guys are bigger than the age they are acting!