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Is this really a bikini contest in Cancun, Mexico?
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/9/2007
Training for exotic dancers.

Training for exotic dancers.

When I came across this video I didn’t believe it was a bikini contest. It appears to be more of an instructional video for exotic dancers.


Cancun, Mexico; Are these contests rigged?

When young ladies (I use the term loosely) go to Cancun for spring break and want to enter one of these ‘so called’ bikini contests, make sure your competition isn’t straight off a stage.


After all girls, if you are vacationing purely for male entertainment, be sure to watch the pros carefully before your turn. If you are already a pro you will be able to pick up some tips from this contestant.


Seriously, I hope the prize is a big one because this girl could use help paying for her implants as I don’t think she’ll be an executive any time soon.