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Brilliant contestant falls off stage in Panama City Beach
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/7/2007

Bikini contests can be dangerous to your health.

Bikini contests can be dangerous to your health.

After what happened to this girl the bikini contest sponsors probably have women sign waivers.


You must pay attention in Panama City Beach

This is just totally embarrassing and really sort of dangerous for this poor girl. You can’t help but feel pity for her.


She is so engrossed in making sure everyone gets a good view of her shaking backside that she falls off a very tall stage.


Of course the crowd goes wild but you have to wonder if her behind and her pride ever recover from this huge spring break blooper.


I guess they should put up a net for these geniuses that compete in this contest so they don’t get hurt. Would you be able to hold your head up after this one?