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Bikini top disappears at Corpus Christi, Texas
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/6/2007
Spring break seems to make clothing disappear.

Spring break seems to make clothing disappear.

(video removed, it was too hot)

When spring break comes along it seems as if there are a lot of occurrences of clothing disappearing.


Is Corpus Christi in the Bermuda triangle?

I don’t believe that Texas is within the boundaries of the Bermuda triangle but it seems that bathing suit tops disappear there during spring break.


They disappear for no apparent reason as some kind of outside force (lack of embarrassment) drives young women to remove them as if the tops were on fire.


It doesn’t just happen in Corpus Christi. This is a phenomenon that takes place everywhere once spring break rolls around.


So if you’re getting ready for spring break, keep a firm grip on your pride or it may disappear just like these girls.