Sun and Sin -
Help to stop the madness in Mykonos, Greece
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/6/2007

Abolish the Speedo.

Abolish the Speedo.

There is a travesty going on in Mykonos, Greece. The beauty of the beaches is being spoiled with the painful display of Speedos on large mammals.


Help re-beautify the beaches.

After watching this video and wanting to wash my eyes out with soap, I decided I had found my new cause.


I will now be raising money to fight the destruction of beaches and cruelty in Mykonos, Greece. If you vacation in this hotspot then you have seen this sadness first hand.


Join my cause and help to fight the horrible thing that is happening to the beauty of Greece. Caution: If you have a weak stomach……put your hands over your face!


Abolish the Speedo!