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Winehouse Really Doesn’t Want to go to Rehab
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 12/7/2007
Amy Winehouse doesn't want any help.

Go to Rehab

Lady soul singer Amy Winehouse left her home after powdering her nose (left) and was chauffeured to her first party stop -- where along the way, she decided that she'd change her pants (right) -- leaving paparazzi gaping at the half-naked, gap-toothed, beehived, lovelorn wreck.


The actual story behind this embarrassing photo of Amy changing her pants in her car is that she lost her keys.  Which is understandable because the first place that I look when I can’t find my keys is in my underwear.


She was clearly involved in some heavy partying before she stepped out.  The only other solution would be that she ate a bunch of powdered doughnuts and some powder went up her noise and she failed to realize.