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Top 10 Spring Break Hunks
By Photo Bella
Published on 04/9/2007
Spring break is over and the girls have returned back and uploaded their photos to Flickr, Webshots and other social photo sharing sites. Here's a list of this year's best looking men.

The best looking spring break hunks
A hunk is a a well-built sexually attractive man (goosh!). Here's the top 10 from this year's Spring Break.

10. Male strippers tend to be delicious
nice abs, just how i like 'em! [this one's for scott... ha ha]
Photo from Spring Break in Las Vegas, a girl is getting the pleasure of meeting a Chippendale.

9. Tattoo-man

Photo taken at Panama City beach. Great looking tat on that back.

8. Nice biceps
The sun was a bit strong that day. Use your sunglasses man.

7. Having a good time
Dave and I playin "California"
It's not only about looking good, it is about having a good time while doing it.

6. Thank God for speedos

Yes, he is in Speedos and he is wonderful. Posted at Flickr by My New Clever name.

5. Rugged looks

Nice surfer shorts! Posted at Flickr by Marc.

4. Goofy smile wins

Brent showing off his abs (to Katie of course) ;)
Stone hard body and a goofy smile. It is a winning combination!

3. More men should smile
Good looking and with a positive glow!

2. Been busy

Has probably been busy working out this year. Posted at Flickr by Marc.

1. Abs baby

This lollipop has definately stayed away from McDonald's this term. Not too much, and not too little. Perfectly defined. Posted at Flickr by Marc.