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Cliffy Barz hits Daytona Beach, Florida
By Teri Buckner
Published on 12/24/2007

The boyz like lots of ‘junk in the trunk’.

The boyz like lots of ‘junk in the trunk’.

This lighthearted look at spring break in Florida has everything from girls with filled out bathing suits to a policeman who is ready to join the party.


‘Shortys’ in
Daytona Beach.

If you like a little more padding in the rear then you’ll definitely enjoy this video. Daytona Beach seems to offer a lot of it.


This video includes a funny cop, bangin’ ‘shortys’, a gorgeous ‘whip’ and some great music as well as lots of behinds.


The younger generation seems to be fascinated with big behinds and the clothing industry has capitalized on that by making swimsuit bottoms out of wash clothes.


I’ll bet these guys had most of their fun after the camera was turned off.