Sun and Sin -
The 10 Best Spring Break Bikini Girls
By Photo Bella
Published on 04/9/2007

Lots of nice bikinis were displayed during this year's spring break. Here's the top 10.

Top 10 Spring Break Bikini Girls
Sorry, since these photos were posted a lot of them has been taken down from the web (Flickr and webshots photo albums)! - Edited august 2008.

10. White bandeau bikini

The second from the left is a smashing white bandeau bikini who really complements the wearer's tanned body. Congratulations.

9. Pink

This photo is from a Hooters bikini contest and it is taken backstage. The effect of screaming pink on tanned skin is very rewarding.

8. Snake accessory

The snake and the bikini complements each other wonderfully. Daring and beautiful.

7. Retro bikinis

These retro bikinis hints to the past, to the wild 70s. Before AIDS,  iPods and the International House Of Pancakes.

6. Oh so innocent

The flower textured bikini is favoured by those wanting an innocent look.

That is also why it is so very popular among two groups a visitor probably do not want to be associated with:

1) Overweight people - Many obese people are forced to buy big one piece swimsuits. These are often in a flower texture. God knows why.

2) Retired people. Lots of old peopl go around wearing flower swim pieces of all kinds.

5. What about the tanlines?

Many bikinis have exciting designs that makes guys look at you with interest. They cross and twirl and makes all kind of interesting suggestions to them. Often they can also be very good at pushing boobs or fat in the right directions to get that sex bomb look you are after.

There is however a bad side to all this, you will get tanlines that will make it impossible to wear a classy dress with confidence. You are hereby warned!

These bikinis come with a "ugly tanline guaranteed."

4. Green bikini machine

This type of green bikini is a refreshingly new way to show off your tanned skin. Very good. Posted at Flickr.

3. Attention guaranteed

An all over tan and just those itsy bitsy peaces of textiles makes this a winner on the beach. Posted by AbbyRoad on Flickr.

2. Classy brown

This brown bikini looks classy and exclusive. Well suited for the swimming pool in South Beach, St. Tropez or other high flying destinations.

1. The winner

Posted by Rogben at Flickr. This is how it is done. A dark tan on a fit body, a screaming pink bikini with matching accessories (pink nails) and the attitude of the woman wearing it makes this the winner.