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15 stock photo bikini babes who are way better looking than my wife
By Don Domath
Published on 12/10/2007

My wife ain't no supermodel.

5 bikini hotties that are way better looking than my wife
Me and some friends had a few drinks together in the weekend. OK, it ended up being a lot of drinks. When we had knocked back a few too many we ended up discussing which of our friends' wives  we would bring in for a threesome with our own wife.

To cut a long story short: No one wanted my wife.

Anyway, I have compiled this list of bikini hotties who are much better looking than both mine and my friends' wives.

Edit: August 2008 I edited this page because some of the photos were simply too hot to be shown on a PG site!

1. Ice Queen

Bling bling bikini lady, I can't afford you.

2. Statue woman from the sky

Of course, this one is drop dead gorgeous, but she is probably unable to share a family size pizza with me.

3. Punishment hottie

This hot bikini babe reminds me of the time I suggested to my wife that she should wear a g-string to the beach, or to the bedroom at least. She ended up slapping my face.

4. Conservative crazy chick

This one looks a bit conservative, but she is able to smile because she is feeling crazy today, wearing a bikini & bathsuit combo.

5. Las Vegas convention hottie

This is the type of hard to explain credit card statement after your weekend in Vegas.

Another 5 bikini hotties
6. Perfect chest

Your fake tits make me think I am dining at the Ritz.

7. Stock photo babe from heaven

You illustrate the healthy life and tells me that thing could have been different if I had made some good decisions in the past.

8. Cute hat

She went to art school and managed to keep her figure because there is no money to earn for an up and coming artist.

9. Tan plan

Her tan was the plan, after all she wanted to wear white to the beach.

10. Pool boy fantasy

She is the pool boy fantasy, he cleans the pool every day hoping to catch a glimpse of her. He ends up with a heart attack if she talks to him. Who was the pool boy? It was me.

It's not over: The last 5.
11 & 12: Pool boy fantasy

Here she is again, I ended up using all the money left in the stock photo account on this beauty. A cute and friendly smile, she could been the first caucasian air hostess in Singapore Air!

13. When your tan, wear white

Her buttocks would still be great if she wore a black bikini, but it's the contrast that makes this such a wonderful photo.

14. A touch of class

In addition to a supermodel body this one can talk to you during dinner. You can discuss literary classics or maybe a little bit of current events?

15. She goes to the gym

This micro bikini goddess probably uses as much time in the gym as my wife uses on watching TV.

That's it! 15 bikini women who are way better looking than my wife, and my friends' wives. Have a nice day.